Our Products

Our Promise is to use the freshest ingredients in our recipe to create the best-tasting food for you. Quality is our first priority.

our Service and Capacity

Our products are made by experienced bakers according to each customer's favourite menus. The demand for our products come mainly from our customers, and we have enough production capacity to ensure that the deliveries will be done on time. Change in volumes is not a problem for us. All products are baked daily and fresh to eat anytime.

We have a fleet of delivery vehicles, all our drivers are issued with company overalls with the number of the bakery applied on the back of each overall. All our vehicles and crated used are being cleaned and washed on weekly basic. The crates are being collected on a daily basic after the deliveries are done. Deliveries are done on a daily basic from Monday to Saturday. We can accommodate the delivery of small quantities if required as our vehicles are on the road already.
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Quality Policies

We strive for excellence quality and services at all times. This is the main reason why we baked during the night to ensure freshly baked goods for our customers. We produce bread early hours before sunrise to ensure freshly baked goods to our customers. At this stage there is standard corporate labeling on our products and the items get delivered in neat packaging. Moreover, we are Halal certified bakery and confectionery company.